Fundraising Strategies

A well thought out fundraising strategy is necessary to optimise your fundraising efforts and maximise your potential collections.

Since fundraising began in March 2014, we have raised over £30,000.

More than two hundred charities, including many of the UK’s biggest, have already joined the scheme, membership of which is voluntary, and in doing so have agreed to adhere to a strict set of codes and a fundraising promise committing them to treat the public with respect, fairness, honesty and clarity in all their money raising activities.

They must also sign up to an independent, robust and transparent complaints process. Membership will be visible to the public through the addition of our logo (a tick) on their fundraising materials.

We have recently worked with many local organisations in London to help us raise enough money to support the charities that we believe need the most help.

Many local organisations including dentists, shop owners, restaurant managers, universities and bankers have all donated directly to our charities or have sponsored one of our many team members in an activity they are doing to raise funds.

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