Raising money whilst helping yourself stay in shape

mountain trekNothing happens by accident, so if you want to successfully raise money for your UK charity, you need to make a plan. Start raising money at the earliest opportunity.

Something exciting and challenging is often more effective that simply passing a hat around at one of your meetings. Member of the public are bombarded by charities asking for money and having a theme or a purpose are great ways of standing out from the crows.

One of the first and most basic principles associated with charity fundraising is to realize how much money or resources you intend to raise and work with that goal in mind.

Some travel companies offered tailor packages for sponsored treks abroad.

They do not offer the complicated “sponsor funded” treks that you may see advertised elsewhere but on all our charity treks:

  • Provide expert advice to help plan your challenge
  • You can trek for any charity you like with 100% flexibility on fundraising
  • You can have your own private trek or join an open group
  • There is no minimum fundraising before you can join a trek
  • You only have to pay a deposit of £100pp to book your trek

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